About We Buy Cars

800-WeBuyCars®.com is a professional car buying company that is fully licensed, bonded and insured.

The 1-800-WE-BUY-CARS® phone number and the WE-BUY-CARS® business name have been trademarked for years. This shows you that we are the original car buying service.

WE-BUY-CARS® from consumers nationwide. Selling your car? GET CASH TODAY®

The WE-BUY-CARS® service started about 30 years ago. The original 1-800-WE-BUY-CARS® has become the #1 car buying service that offers cash for cars, trucks, vans, 4X4s and anything else that rolls!


1-800-WE-BUY-CARS® pays cash for cars. WE-BUY-CARS® wants to buy your car for cash. We don’t want to sell you anything. You don’t have to buy anything from us.


Who will buy my car? How do I sell my car quickly and safely? Who gives cash for cars?


800-WeBuyCars®.com will be happy to pay you what your car is worth. We also pay above fair market value.

800-WeBuyCars®.com pays amazing prices for any late model vehicles with low mileage.

WE-BUY-CARS®, trucks, vans, SUVs, pickups, Jeeps, luxury vehicles, imports, exotics, classics, fleets and commercial vehicles. If it’s got wheels and runs, we buy it! 800-WeBuyCars®.com always gives you the best price possible for your vehicle.

Get hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars more for your vehicle. Quite simply, we pay more than any competitors. We buy any vehicle and YOU GET CASH TODAY®.

No headaches or hassles when you sell your car to us. Call 1-800-WE-BUY-CARS®. We are fast, friendly and fair. We take pride in offering outstanding customer service. We will treat you right.

No matter what kind of car you are selling. FROM A $75.00 CLUNKER TO A $150,000.00 ROLLS ROYCE. GET CASH TODAY®.

1-800-WE-BUY-CARS® has drive in locations nationwide. We offer free pick up or towing at your home or office.

We started our business 30 years ago, offering cash for cars. We have purchased tens of thousands of vehicles from the general public, treating each customer fairly.

The 1-800-WE-BUY-CARS® phone number and the WE-BUY-CARS® business name have been trademarked for years, showing you that we are the original car buying service.

When selling your car online for cash, 800-WeBuyCars®.com helps our customers avoid unpleasant situations and guarantees that YOU GET CASH TODAY®.

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