What kind of cars do you buy?

800-WeBuyCars.com® is interested in buying your vehicle for cash. Sell your car today. We buy any year, make and model. Our car buying service pays cash for newer cars and old clunkers!

No matter what kind of car you are selling, FROM A $75 CLUNKER TO A $150,000 ROLLS ROYCE, YOU GET CASH TODAY®!

WE-BUY-CARS® pays top dollar for damaged vehicles, wrecked vehicles, vehicles with mechanical problems or vehicles that no longer run. Even salvaged vehicles can be purchased. Remember, we offer free pick up and towing. NO COST TO YOU!

SELL YOUR CAR today at 800-WeBuyCars®.com or CALL 1-800-WE-BUY-CARS®

How long has 1-800-WE-BUY-CARS ® been established?

1-800-WE-BUY-CARS® is original and only WE BUY CARS® Inc. We are a car buying service offering cash for cars and all other vehicles. Started over 30 years ago, WE BUY CARS® Inc is the only and the original WE BUY CARS® in the United States. We have been purchasing cars from the public over 30 years.

WE BUY CARS® has purchased thousands of cars from satisfied customers.

Our phone number 1-800-WE-BUY-CARS®, our service name WE BUY CARS®, our slogan
YOU GET CASH TODAY® and GET CASH TODAY® are all registered and active federal trademarks of our company.

How long does it take to sell my car?

From start to finish, the process takes about 20 minutes. Call 1-800-WE-BUY-CARS® for more info.

Are you licensed and bonded?

Yes! WE BUY CARS® is fully licensed and bonded. Payment for your vehicle is fully guaranteed.

When and how will I get paid for my car?

1-800-WE-BUY-CARS® will pay by corporate check or make arrangements for cash payment on the spot.
Immediate payment guaranteed. YOU GET CASH TODAY®!

What documents do I need to sell my car, truck, van or other vehicle?

You need a title to sell your vehicle and personal ID. If there is a loan on your vehicle, you need to provide your bank information. If your title is lost, you will need to obtain a duplicate title. If you need assistance or have any questions, call us at 1-800-We-Buy-Cars®, 1-800-932-8922. Our agents will be happy to assist you.

What if I owe more money that my car is worth?

This is a very common situation called negative equity. In this situation, arrangements will be made to make an overnight payment in certified funds to your lien holder. The difference between the value of your vehicle and the amount owed, is payable directly to the lending institution from you. Your loan will be satisfied and your credit will remain intact. Call for details. We can help with your questions.

What if I owe less money than my car is worth?

When you owe less money than your car is worth, it is called positive equity. You will be paid the difference between your offer and the remaining balance of your loan. We will pay the balance due on your loan immediately.

When can I sell my car to you?

Sell your car right now! Choose to come to one of our driving locations or schedule a free pick up.

Call now for a price quote. Our professionals are standing by to give you a price quote. They will take care of all the arrangements. It is easy to sell your car to us and GET CASH TODAY®!

Did we answer your questions?

If you have other questions or concerns that we haven’t answered, please contact us by calling

The WE BUY CARS® customer support team will be happy to answer your questions concerning DMV paperwork, titles, locations, scheduling pick ups, etc.
Remember, to get the right price for your car, call the original, one and only WE BUY CARS®.

1-800-WE-BUY-CARS®, CALL 1-800-932-8922
800-WeBuyCars®.com, YOU GET CASH TODAY®